The Top Three Best PSP Games of 2009

The PSP or PlayStation Portable is a handheld portable gaming. Manufactured and marketed by Sony This is probably the game console is the most popular handbags in the world. It is the best in terms of quality and value enthusiasm for casual gamers or even serious. Not many games for the PSP this year, with some very good and some were. Here is probably the best PSP games on the market.

They tickle demon games for the race? If so, do not wait! Here are the three best PSP games of 2009 in no particular order, Resistance: Retribution, Pangya: Fantasy Golf Patapon 2.

Resistance: Retribution

This game was released in March this year and is designed to appeal to the population of professional and casual gamers. A good character is the subdomain, namely, Lieutenant James Grayson. Presented by motives of revenge, a Royal Marine who lost his brother in the Chimera is doing everything possible to crush the invasion “Chimera, destroying their main towers and get rid of the source of the virus. Would you recommend this game because an aura of reality is the fact that the player can feel the tension of the mission during the game. ‘s music is also very good and the action is of the highest quality.

Pangya: Fantasy Golf

June 2009 appeared another great PSP game. As hard as it may seem, this popular game is a game of golf. Some can be seen in the game of golf as boring, but this game is very creative and colorful zero problems and requests. It has a lot of characters to choose from and many customization options. Graphics and Design courses are really impressive. If you like a fantasy game with a challenge, then this game is perfect for you.

Patapon 2

Patapon 2 was released in May this year, with a number of positive comments on his heels. It features gameplay that is unique, but also very exciting. It is loaded with options for missions and video and audio. The user interface is very attractive and the customization possibilities are endless. Also, the standard capability heroes past, so that all points of increased arousal. If you’ve played the game lucky.

You do not have to settle for dull, second-rate PSP games? These three best PSP games of 2009 are the answers to your gaming needs! Press Play!